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Christabel Moved To a New City And Found Love! #OurTimelessLove

Moving to a new city comes with endless possibilities.  For Christabel, what was meant to be a great opportunity for a new adventure, led her to find her soulmate, Dee.  😍

She had just moved to Canada and decided to join a dating app, mainly to connect with people around her. As fate would have it, she met with Dee and they soon became friends. They clicked instantly and as time passed, there was no denying the strong affection they both felt for each other. Now, they are choosing to spend the rest of their lives together and we are super pumped. From their stylish looks to their sweet show of love, you’ll agree with us that each frame from their pre-wedding shoot is worth drooling over.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Christabel:

Our story began on a dating app shortly after my move to Canada. Being in a new place, I saw it as an opportunity to connect with people and discover the city. I wasn’t actively seeking a lifelong partner, but rather, I was open to forming friendships without any particular expectations. Dede and I started talking and things took off swiftly from there. Just a few days later, we found ourselves on our first date, which went swimmingly—although he still jokingly reminds me about devouring a sizable portion of ribs (typical foodie move, right?).

My initial reaction upon meeting Dee (as I fondly call him) was one of astonishment; standing next to him, I felt dwarfed in comparison. Despite his early declarations of his desire for a future together, I was keen on building our friendship first. Coincidentally, we ended up relocating to a new city where we lived just six minutes apart, a seemingly serendipitous twist that further solidified our connection. Getting to know Dee over time, I became increasingly convinced that I was ready to embark on a shared journey towards our future together. We’re thrilled about spending eternity together.



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