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This Exquisite Beauty Look Says It’s Wedding reception O’ Clock!

Dear bride-to-be, your bridal looks are very important and your reception look isn’t left out… Because, how else do we tell it’s your day if you don’t show up looking as ravishing as possible?

This metallic dress by Clasikqdiane is giving that sultry  “lady in red” effect and we love it. The exquisite style and unique fabric choice all come together to create this masterpiece. We can’t resist the lushness of the hair by Black Unicorn Luxury and how it cascades down the dress. A stunning look requires an equally stunning glam and that is exactly what The Glam Plug created with this flawless makeover. This look will have you maintaining that striking glow on your big day. You can also check for more beauty looks here.

See the photos below and let us know what you think!


Belle: @dianeuloaku
Photography: @nana_gaza

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