A Vacation and Business Trip in Paris Led to Kristeen & Rasheed’s Epic Fairytale!

What better place to meet the love of your life than in the city of love? Kristeen met her soulmate, Rasheed and it all began with a vacation and business trip in Paris 8 years ago! 😍

After an exciting conversation at a restaurant, they exchanged social media contacts and haven’t stopped talking ever since! As an ode to their meet-cute, they had a Paris-themed white wedding in Nigeria and it was all shades of beautiful! Kristeen rocked her custom Matopeda dress with such elegance and Rasheed looked absolutely dapper in his stylish tux. Every thing from the decor, ethereal ambience and sweet show of love will have you drooling. We are so happy for these lovebirds as they embark on their forever journey!

Enjoy their wedding photos and love story below and see their pre-wedding shoot here:

Their love story as shared by Kristeen:

Rasheed and I met spring of 2016 in Paris, France. He was there for work and I was there for vacation, visiting a friend. We met at a lounge but didn’t speak until we sat next to each other at a restaurant. Rasheed isn’t a man of many words when you first meet him but there was something that drew me to him. Of course, we both thought the other lived in Paris and that this would be the last time we would ever see each other. We exchanged social media accounts and talked every single day since then. After getting to know each other he found out that I live in America and he in Nigeria. As our relationship grew, we made plans to visit each other as often as we could. Finally, after 4 years of long distance, he decided to move to America to officially start our lives together. Now, almost a decade later a love that started in Paris was sealed on 9/30/23 in our father’s land. 🥰

Did someone say, Stunning bride? 😍

When the whole squad is a lit one!

All set and ready for the big day 😍

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

Here for the stunning looks and sweet love!

A breathtaking outdoor decor for “I do”

Together for life! 😍

Check out this lovely reception decor!


Can’t get enough of these lovebirds and their lit squad!


Dancing into ‘Happy ever after’!


Bride: @boomboomko
Groom: @iamrasean
Planners: @2706events
Bridal Stylist: @saobyrami
Wedding Dress: @matopeda.atelier
Makeup: @ariyike_mua
Hair Stylist: @adefunkeee
Photography: @thedavidmartinss
Videography: @otusally
Decor: @saraoevents
Lights: @ibiyemiabayomi
Location: @thefivepalm

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