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Witness The Spark of Love in Kristeen and Rasheed’s Pre-weddding Shoot!

How would you define love? We would say love can be defined in a thousand different ways; maybe even more. However you choose to define love, one thing remains true – where love is present, it is evident… True love is never hard to spot.

Today, we get to see this evident love through the lens of Kristeen and Rasheed’s sweet pre-wedding shoot. These two are tailor-made for each other and it’s beautiful to see the sparks of love shine through them. Now, they get ready for forever and we can’t but admire their super-gorgeous photos. The chemistry between them is hard to miss with those soft stares and sweet kisses. Kristeen and Rasheed’s pre-wedding photos affirm the fact that love is indeed magical!

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos below:


Bride @boomboomko
Groom @iamrasean
Planner @2706events
Makeup @peaceibadin_mua
Hairstylist @tobbiestouch
Photography @thedavidmartinss

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