Here’s how to Blend the Old and New in Your Dress with the Folk Bridal Collection by Daarlana Couture

It’s beautiful how a bridal collection can tell so much. The folk bridal collection by Daalarna designer, Anita Benes speaks so much about how traditional wedding styles meets modernity. Even if they are a blend of the old and new, they are timeless feminine and sophisticated dresses that a bride will love to rock.

Here’s a detailed description of the collection by the designer, Daarlana Couture:

Tradition meets modernity, and old meets new in the FOLK bridal collection, which merges traditional Hungarian folk-art shapes and design elements with Daalarna’s modern, feminine and sophisticated signature style. Puff sleeves and midi skirts made with layered and pulled techniques, geometric and floral motifs, as well as lace frills and pearl decorations – these romantic designs make each bridal gown stand out. Besides the well-known bridal fabrics (lace, tulle, organza), there are some new authentic and unique additions like cotton, linen, and cotton lace.


In the past, a wedding or casual dress used to accompany its owner for the rest of her life. Therefore, women made smarter choices regarding shapes, tailoring, or colors. I love the way they formed the dresses with logic and spirit by respecting the fabrics and creating minimal wastage. While they tailored the dresses, they never forgot about the fact that it had to last at least a lifetime and might need some adjustments as it was not rare that later on, the next generation inherited them. In a modern sense, these amazing dresses were real basics and are the eternal symbols of a more sustainable society.



Design Brand: @  daalarnacouture

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