Minimising Your Wedding Guests is Possible! Here’s how Makida Did Hers

So let’s play catch with the newlywed Makida as she shares life-saving hacks to planning your wedding.

We know reducing the number of guests at your wedding is such a big deal and it is something that every couple wishes they can achieve on their big day. While you may be having a hard time figuring how to minimize the guests, then gladly watch the video below.

Newlywed Makida has shared a recent video on her page, talking about how she reduced her guests to the barest minimum at the wedding. So if you want to know she nailed this, just watch the video below.  If you missed her tips on how to get started with planning your wedding, catch up here.


Video Credit: @themakidamoka

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    October 10, 2019 at 7:58 PM

    Wow quite revealing, I really don’t want crowds of uninvited guest at my wedding, if possible a wedding of 100 people maximum but what can we do, we are Africans particularly Nigerians where it’s our parents wedding and our marriage. Well I will definitely try this also I think this social media thing is room for uninvited guest so I won’t post my iv on social media, I will send the iv through inboxes and clearly write there strictly on invitation.

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