Here’s Why You & Bae Should Talk About Money

Fam, let’s talk about money this week.

Do you agree that dating is the fun part? Now it is when you get to know a person intimately that you find out if you are both compatible considering multiple factors. Religion, family background and physical compatibility are some of the popular factors that we consider when deciding if bae is the one. But there’s one big factor that slips our minds while we nurse the butterflies in our bellies – financial compatibility.  Are you and bae financially compatible? Have you checked? If you have not, you should.

Here’s why:

The first reason is that it gives you a clear picture of what is ahead. Finding out whether or not you and your partner see eye to eye on the big money topics like saving, investing and building wealth gives you a glimpse of what your future holds. While dating is not marriage, treating it like a simulation of the real thing would help you both enter into the union more objectively.

Many people get into marriage without knowing some details that really matter. Details like their partner’s financial habits, aspirations and pitfalls and that is a recipe for disaster. Ask direct hypothetical questions. Set goals and work toward the goals together. Find out where the balls might drop and avoid unnecessary future surprises.

In addition, talking about a deeply personal topic like money with your partner would actually bring you both closer to each other. As much as it should not be, money is a taboo word to many. It might surprise you to know that most people are more comfortable talking about their sex lives than they are talking about their personal finances.

Knowing your partner’s financial situation and sharing yours is a form of intimacy. So, as difficult as it might initially be, push past the awkwardness and talk about money with your partner. You both will be better for it.

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