You Should Expect These 6 Things from Your Wedding Videographer on Your Big Day

Hello everyone, Nnanna Adim aka Cinematics Ng here!

Super excited to be sharing my 6 things you should expect from your wedding videographer.

So your big day is finally here after months of planning. You have hired the services of a videographer for your wedding because you want to capture and relive every moment of this  special. Thumbs up for doing that. Memories are very important and should be documented for future reference. Now that you have hired a wedding videographer, what are the things you should expect from her/him?

Here are at least 6 things to expect from your wedding videographer on your big day.

To show up early

Wedding day documentary starts with the bride and groom’s preparation. It starts right from the bride and groom waking up, through to their breakfast, hair, makeup, dressing up and a little engagement with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You definitely do not want or expect your videographer to rush in after your hair is done or after your fully dressed. He would have missed some magical friendly or family moments that cannot be re-enacted. Your videographer is expected to be at your hotel or house as early as you wake up.


To show up ready

Wedding day activities happen so fast. Moments, where the mother or father makes a surprise visit to the bride’s room as she’s getting ready, or the groom and his guys are having some brotherly moments. These moments happen in a rush and hence the videographer has to be ready to capture at every point. Your videographer should come in ready to start documenting the day. You certainly don’t want a videographer who will come in to start charging his batteries at your place or looking to copy out old jobs on their cards to accommodate your shoot when you are having a special moment. Your videographer should show up ready to start shooting immediately.


To dress well and smell nice

Appearance is everything! The aura in a room goes a long way to affect the mood of the people in the room. Beauty at your wedding should not be limited to yourself and the decor. It should be extended to all the vendors as well. The videographer that will be with you all day should be well dressed and very neat. You don’t want any foul smell around you or your guests. Ensure your videographer shows up looking neat and smart.


To not be intrusive

As your day goes by, so many things happen so fast. Also friends, family and your spouse will always be around you, communicating and engaging you. Your videographer should be ready to document these moments, and not interrupt you all the time to do something or say something. As much as your videographer is trying to film every moment, there’s also the place for boundaries. They should not be in your face all through the day. With the right lens and cameras, they can film these moments from any angle far enough to give you your space and at the same time get good shots.


To be ready to capture unplanned moments

Most beautiful moments at weddings are those moments that are not scripted. The beauty of capturing these moments cannot be overemphasized. Moments like mum’s prayer as you’re getting ready, father’s dance or cry as he sees you in your dress, ring bearer hugging and playing with the flower girl, many more moments that add to the story should be documented by your videographer. He should be attentive enough to film them.


To capture things you couldn’t experience on that day

It’s your big day and you certainly can’t be everywhere at the same time. It’s possible that the groom misses some of the bride’s moment during the bridal prep and the same goes for the bride. Well, it is from the pictures and videos captured on your wedding that you will really see what happened and also see who came. Let’s face it, out of joy and excitement you will not remember all. So you should expect that your videographer should capture a whole lot more things that you did not witness at your wedding.

To have a plan for your shots

As much as there are unplanned moments at the wedding, you can also create moments. Due to limited time on your wedding, you don’t have the luxury of time to wait on the videographer to decide on where he will be taking interviews, or where to position his cameras during the vow. Your videographer should come ready with a plan to properly capture all the essential moments at your wedding. As you run down the day’s activities with him before the wedding day, he should have a plan to ensure that he documents all that’s important to you. He should also be creative enough to create some special moments by asking you or your bridal party to do some fun activities.

The ability of your videographer to deliver on these things will ensure that you get a good wedding video after your day has come and gone. These expectations will see that he is properly guided to make the best wedding video ever from your lovely wedding story.

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