Your Bridal Asooke can Tell Your Style! Sika and Bimmms24 Tell us How

I mean, is there really a Nigerian wedding without the signature Asoebi and Asooke? Knowing how important it is the wedding ceremony, it requires a careful selection and thought put into it. In this era of trendy and stylish bridal Asooke and all, it is only right that yours tells style and also makes a stamping fashion statement.

How do you select the right one, the colours? How do you know which Asooke or #Asooebi speaks your style and person? You know what, Sika Osei and Abimbola Ipaye, CEO of Bimmms24  answer all your questions in this video. She did well to explain how your Asooke and Asooebi can tell a story and not just any story but yours.

Watch the video below:


Video credit: @ndanitv

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