Dami and Gbolahan Went From Work Buddies to Lovers!

It’s interesting how one experience with someone can change the relationship you have with them. Dami and Gbolahan went from work buddies to lovers and it all began with a date to the movies. 😍

From the tense ride in Gbolahan’s vehicle to Dami sleeping off during the movie, their first date was full of hilarious and heartwarming moments. After many more adventures together, these two took their love to the next level with their beautiful white wedding! We could feel the love in the air and they came through serving premium couple goals. Their chemistry is so evident and no doubt, Dami and Gbolahan are meant to be!

Enjoy their white wedding photos and love story below. You can also see their trad wedding photos here.

Did someone say radiant bride? 😍

Their love story as shared by Dami:

We met in Access Bank in October 2017 as work colleagues. Gbolahan used to drop me off at the bus stop halfway to my destination as his house was very far from mine, and as best in “choo choo choo”  I will talk all through the trip about everything that happened that day and how I was going to spend the rest of my day after work. After a couple of months, Our colleague and friend (Michael Akande) lowkey set up a movie date for us (myself and Gbolahan) because Gbolahan’s friend (a girl) ghosted him the previous night and he really wanted to watch “Justice League”. I did not know how to tell him this Kano girl has never seen any superhero movie and I really do not care about them so I went ahead because the next day was a public holiday so why not. LOOOL!

Well I agreed to go see a movie with this guy and entering his car he handed me a jack innocently, I asked for what and he goes “Please my car goes off when It does and I get down please just pass me the jack” and I was confused but said okay. I remember praying all through that trip to Ceddi plaza for the car not to go off this time with me in it and it did not. We got to the cinema and literally slept off from the beginning of the movie to the end, At the end of the movie, Gbolahan woke me up for us to go home and I realized he had taken off his jacket to cover me so I sleep well.

He dropped me not at the bus stop but home for the first time at about 0030 hours and I asked for his number so I could know when he gets home. We started talking on the phone and every time we did, I always had butterflies in my tummy. Every day after work, we spoke till 2 am and still show up at work the next day by 7 am acting like strangers because of “work ethics”.  On 11th January 2018, he came to my house parked outside playing High school musical’s “Can I have this dance” and officially asked me to be his girlfriend which I think was quite cheesy but I said yes and I’m glad I did. ❤️

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

Their love story as shared by Gbolahan:

Around September 2017, I met Damilola. Before we went to see a movie in December through a mutual friend who skipped the film, she and I had never spoken. The kick of my car was terrible on our first trip (actually our first date), so I gave Dami the jack to keep in case my car didn’t start so she should “give me the jack,”. She probably thought I was crazy, but she still went along. We paid for Justice League when we arrived at the theatre, but I was unaware that this person didn’t know who Superman or Batman was, let alone what Flash and Aquaman were.

I took off my hoodie to cover my future wife/soulmate after five minutes of the movie since she fell asleep like a baby. She was seriously adorable. We got in the car after the movie and I “passed me the jack” to her so we could drive home. She insisted on giving me her phone number after I dropped her off so she could make sure I got home safely since it was late at night. We got talking then fast forward to two weeks later, my future Mrs was involved in an accident on her way to a party I was attending but I hadn’t arrived yet.

Immediately, she called me for help and had to call my guys to meet her ASAP while I was on my way. At that very moment, I knew I had grown attached to this individual without superhero movie knowledge. On 11th January 2018, I asked her to be my girlfriend after claiming several threats from suitors by her best friend (shoutout to Mercy Jackson). Then I asked her to marry me on 13th August 2022. I LOVE THIS WOMAN.

Serving premium love and beauty. 😍

Here comes the bride! 😍

Time to be joined in holy matrimony. 😍

Sealed with a perfect kiss!

Here’s to happy ever after!

The wedding reception slay we signed up for!

Let the fun begin!

Dancing into the night! 🥰



Bride @ayinnke_x
Groom @puffy_xxl
Planner @1207events
Makeup @jideofstola
Photography @nicoleadehi_valeo
Bride’s dress @madebykristie

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