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Dami & Tope’s Surprise Proposal is Oh So Sweet

She said yes!

Dami and Tope‘s love story took 7 years in making. In Tope’s words: “The 7-year wait was worth every second and I can’t imagine ending up with anyone other than Damie”. How sweet.

When Tope was ready to pop the big question, he definitely planned a proposal for Dami to remember. He had her friends give a rose each as she walked into the venue, she was pleasantly surprised way before walking down to her groom-to-be. He went down on one knee and then popped the question- she said yes!

We also get to hear their love story from both sides. Keep scrolling and reading, enjoy!


Here’s how their love story played out according to Dami:

I met Tope through my brother, Michael. He is currently referred to between my parents as “the one who left the door ajar” ?. Tope & my brother are very good friends and I overheard Tope say many times to my brother that I’m going to be his wife even though he never made a move. Of course, I never took any of that seriously. Date my brother’s friend? It can never be me.

I carried on dating other people and after getting burnt, I had a clear picture of what I wanted in a future partner. When Tope finally made a move in June 2018, he was exactly that. We bonded instantly and started talking all the time. He became my best friend very easily too because of his kind and non-judgmental nature. It also meant a lot to me that my brother who knew him best at the time was comfortable with me dating him. With my brother’s blessing, we began dating at the end of July 2018 and here we are today!

Here’s Tope’s side of their love story:

Back in school in 2011, on a beautiful Monday that was the very first time I set eyes on Damie and I fell in love with that very instant. After carrying out my research, I found out that she was my friend’s sister and that made it really complicated. All I could do from that moment on was to tell my friend and our mutual friends that I was head over heels in love with Damie.

Many years passed as I literally watched her go through all her relationships and heartbreaks. I always had this constant battle in my head on whether to go for it or not, then I’ll end up saying to myself that I wasn’t ready and that I was saving her for when I was. No week passed without me telling Michael, her brother, how much I loved his sister. He kept on telling me to go ahead and talk to her but I hesitated cause I knew it wasn’t from his heart.

To cut the long story short, in 2018 around May/June I just couldn’t take it anymore and I called him one last time and he said I should go ahead (I’m sure in his mind he thought his sister was going to bounce me). Damie and I got talking and we bonded instantly. When Michael found out we were already falling In love, he almost fainted! But he has been supportive ever since. He even helped in planning the proposal! The 7-year wait was worth every second and I can’t imagine me ending up with anyone other than Damie.




Groom-to-be: @graystephen
Photography: @nicoleadehi_valeo
Decor: @huckleberry_decor

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