Dara Met TY on Her First Day Of Uni – Now It’s a Forever Thing!

One of our favourite lessons of all the beautiful notes that love hands us, is to “never say never”! Love’s dynamic nature always leaves us in awe and of course, admiration every single time. Today, Dara and TY are reinforcing this lesson.

The lovebirds met on Dara’s first day at the university and she immediately friend-zoned him. She just didn’t see them becoming anything other than friends. But here we are today, gushing over their love as they said “I do”, taking on that journey to love each other forever.

After a colourful trad, #DaraTysTheKnot came with all the beauty and colours of love that transcends time and we absolutely love every bit of it. We’re certain you will too!

Keep scrolling to read all about their love story and enjoy their white wedding photos below.

Their love story as shared by Dara:

Toyosi and I met in September 2012, he came along with a friend to give me a ride to the University on my very first day of university in Canada. He drove me around a couple of days after that too but at that time, I just thought he was this nice guy and that was it. He was immediately friend-zoned. I felt, he wasn’t my type so I didn’t even think about him that way (lol he looked so so different then and so did I). We remained casuals friends. I saw him around school and church but that was it. In 2013 when I got back from the summer holidays in Nigeria, I asked him to teach me how to drive and I guess that was how it started. He would drop everything he was doing when I said I was ready to practice my driving. He taught me how to drive, helped me buy my first car and was just always there. He kept asking me out for 3 years after that and I just kept saying “No” because I felt he was too popular, everybody knew who he was and He had lots of family in town and because I loved my privacy, I just didn’t see us working out.

I went on to date someone else and my car broke down at that guy’s house when it was time for me to leave. That guy was clueless about cars and apparently had “somewhere” to be, so he left me in his parking lot and went. So I called TY. TY left everything he was doing to come and sort me out. He came to my boyfriend at the time’s house to help me with my car. It was quite embarrassing. He asked me out weeks after that and I still said no. On Valentine’s day in  2016, he calls my brother to deliver about $400 worth of chocolate to me (the best selection of chocolate from the no 1 chocolatier in town, it was a massive bag). I remember calling all my girlfriends to come and eat chocolate just in case there was a “love potion” in it so it’ll work on all of us. Lol. I still said no after that. The last time he asked me out, and i said no, I got a vibe that this was going to be the last time and that he had given up after being persistent for 3 years. (I got to find out that, that was the moment he actually gave up on asking). But In those 3 years, that skinny and scrawny guy from 2012 was just evolving and changing right before my eyes. I actually remember the day I realized that “Wait oh!! this guy is fine sha! When did he suddenly become fine?!”

Let’s also check out TY and his gees…

I remembered all our chats from when we first met and realized that this guy is the real deal. He is very goal-oriented and wise beyond his years. He had achieved everything he said he will achieve from the day I met him till that moment and his persistence, consistency and dedication to me was unmatched. After 3 years of saying no, I had to swallow my pride real quick. I called him back days later and actually ended up being the one to ask him out. We started our relationship in June 2016 and there’s never been a day I regret that decision. All the assumptions I had were all wrong and he is the most amazing man in the world. Our love is so easy and peaceful, and our relationship and the things we’ve achieved all these years is everything I have prayed for and more. He knows me and understands me and I have never experienced any kind of drama. He makes me laugh every single day, even though I tell him he’s not funny right after laughing. We’re best friends, and it feels like we are the same person sometimes. I’m so grateful for how far we’ve come and so excited for what the future holds for us.

It’s reception O’clock!

Let the party begin!

Now, the magic of the first dance…

After the show, comes the after-party!



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