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Bring That Captivating Effect To Your Trad With This Charming Beauty Look

Soft, stylish and stunning! These words perfectly describe today’s beauty look. If you love how this sounds, then you definitely want to draw your trad inspo from here.

Now, who says you can’t rock monochromes in such a sophisticated way? Mopretty by Mo is saying less is more with this outfit and we just love how the lined detail created the perfect contrast. Nothing beats the good old round multilayered gele and this one by Adetobii Gele has us drooling. For the glam, something soft and alluring always does the magic and Dmofaces got the memo. This overall look is just so captivating and this is the effect you need to bring to your trad. You can also check for more beauty looks here.

See the photos below and let us know what you think!


Makeup @dmofaces
Gele @adetobii_gele
Outfit @moprettybymo
Asooke @itunu_asooke_ni_idumota
Accessories @rf_accessories
Shoe and Purse @sacollectionz
Photography @brownartimagery

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