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We are Here for the Royal Look with This Edo Bridal Beauty

A traditional wedding attire + a beautiful makeup = a definite stunning bride.

Every decision taken about a bride’s look will matter in the long run. From the hairstyle to the dress, coral and even the makeup. Knowing it is not an easy decision to make, we hope to help with this Edo beauty look by Eeswat Makoevers and captured brilliantly by Awoyemi Sunday.

Edo brides-to-be, just take a look at how the wrapper matches with the coral beads, soft nude glam, and glossy lips to spice it up. So, brides-to-be, you should be pinning this look for your special day. It seems easy to get this desired result (well, it might be easy) but it takes a lot to come to this point.

Here’s how the hairstylist, Tobbies Touch describes the look:

This look is inspired by 2020 bridal hair trends; a soft clean updo and I believe that the traditional wedding should not be left out in 2020. This hairstyle was accessorized with beads to give that classy cultural look.




Photography:  @34sndpictures

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