Ekpere and Ekene’s Love Journey Began at a Fuel Station!

One of the beautiful things about love is that you cannot hide from it. If you somewhat doubt this, Ekpere and Ekene’s super sweet story might just change your mind!

Cupid started working the day Ekene rendered an act of kindness to Ekpere at the fuel station. Even though she tried avoiding him from that day, his attraction to her only heightened. Well, love clearly won and they are now on their forever journey! They sealed their love in a beautiful white wedding ceremony. Ekpere gave off a pristine glow with her wedding looks and Ekene came through looking suave. The love and happiness in the air were so evident and contagious and we are certain you will fall in love with every frame as you scroll.

Enjoy their white wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Ekpere:

He got an office space in the plaza where I worked, and he would come to purchase drugs frequently (I worked in a pharmacy). We never spoke to each other directly, until a few months later when we coincidentally bumped into each other at a petrol station. I came to buy fuel and after topping up my tank the attendant went to bring the POS so I could pay.

Ekpere’s beauty literally BLUE us away! 😍

While I was waiting, the attendant came back and informed me that the man in front had paid for my fuel I looked up and saw it was the same man who just moved into the plaza, I was embarrassed I drove close to his car and shouted thank you ‘SIR’ and went away quickly to avoid him asking for my number .😂 After the incident I kept avoiding any chance that would make us bump into each other again, at this point it was a game, I would see him coming and turn around or take a different path. After sooo many failed attempts to catch up with me at the parking lot or on the stairs he came to the pharmacy and got my full name. He searched for me on social media stalked me silently for 3 months finally summoned the courage to DM me and the rest was history …

The lovely bride and her best girls! 😍

All set for the big day!

The sweethearts serving premium doses of love and beauty

Going to get married!

Here comes the gorgeous bride 😍

Time to be joined in holy matrimony 😍

Signed and sealed!

Now Mr and Mrs!

We can’t get enough of these lovebirds…

Let’s check out this beautiful decor before we begin the reception!

A super gorgeous squad!

Let the fun begin!

Give way! lovebirds coming through

What’s sweeter than dancing slowly in each other’s arms?

What’s a ceremony without cake?

The second outfit slay we signed up for!

It’s all fun from here!


Makeup: @nukkiemua
Hairstylist: @hairbyposhclass
Wedding dress: @toshowoods
Groom’s suit: @loucheclothiers
Decor: @dezuaevents
Rentals: @oakrentals
Cake: @dripplescakes
MC: @aloydspeaker
Cocktails: @ensanadacocktails
Security: @petrezguards
Hostesses: @sia_hostesses
DJ: @djgeezofficial
Photography: @bighweddings
Videography: @danny_el_films
Robe: @hazelgracestyles
Bouquet: @camakabespokepieces

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