Bask in the Beauty of Love With Esther & SimmieRay’s Wedding Video

Love adds so much colour and beauty to life. Whether we’re the ones in love or celebrating lovers, the feeling of joy is surely present. Today, we celebrate the sweetness of love through the lens of sweethearts, Esther and SimmieRay.

The love birds took their love down the altar as they made the forever deal to love, cherish and hold. With friends, family and loved ones present to share in their joy, this wedding was all shades of beautiful. Esther was an absolutely exquisite bride in her lace dress and her boo came through dapper as well. From the altar to the reception party; if we had just one word to describe Esther and SimmieRay’s wedding, it’ll be “amazing”. You certainly want to get all the feels yourself.

Enjoy the wedding video below.



Videography: @team_nhyira

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