Enjoy The Beauty of Culture With Fatima & Sadiq’s Wushe Wushe and Wedding Fatiha

Have you ever attended a Northern wedding? If your answer is no, then you’re in the right place. Here’s your front-row ticket to all the colours and fun that come with Northern weddings, thanks to Fatima and Sadiq.

The lovebirds embarked on their ever-after journey with family, friends and well-wishers all present to share in their joy. As is custom to the Kanuri people, everyone came together before the main joining to celebrate the sweethearts, Fatima and Sadiq.

The Wedding Fatiha entails prayers and offerings of blessings to the new couple as they go on forever. This was also lots of beauty and fun. Fatima was such an exquisite bride in all her looks and we bet you’ll be drooling at all the beautiful photos.

Enjoy their lovely photos below.

First, let’s start with some photos from the K3latul and Kaulu…

Now, it’s the Wushe Wushe proper…

It’s time for the ceremony!

Smiling into “ever after”…

Now, let’s check head over to Sadiq and his squad!

It’s time for the Wedding Fatiha and Fatima is an absolute Angel in white with this look…

Some more “Aww” moments…

All the magic and love!

It’s all fun as love is celebrated in the finest way!

We’ve got more looks from the Wedding Fatiha and Henna party… Take in all the beauty!



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