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Emmanuel Spoke His ‘Happy Ever After’ With Favour Into Existence!

Words carry power and sometimes, even a casual joke could yield beautiful results. Favour and Emmanuel attended the same fellowship while in university.

Back then, Emmanuel would occasionally tease Favour about being his ‘Ever’ not knowing things this were going to play out that same way. They built friendship and soon became inseparable. Now, they are on a happy ever after journey and we are super pumped. Their pre-wedding shoot is giving us all the feels of love and it’s such a delight to see. Go ahead and take in all the beauty for yourself as you scroll.  😍 Emmanuel Spoke His Happy Ever After With Favour Into Existence!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Favour:

In the halls of our university, amidst the echoes of friendship and faith, our story quietly began. We attended the same student fellowship, passing each other by with casual smiles, unaware of the extraordinary connection that awaited us. We were acquainted, yet not friends, until fate intervened most unexpectedly. He playfully teased my sister, about me being ‘His Ever,’ a playful joke from an ‘Eva bottle water’ reference. Little did we know, this playful banter was the first thread that would weave our hearts together.

Finally, our conversations blossomed. In the quiet moments and shared laughter, we discovered a profound bond, grounded in friendship, love, and shared dreams. From those simple moments, our love story grew. It is a testament to the beauty of timing and the magic that happens when two souls find their perfect match. And so, hand in hand, we step into the future, grateful for our past and excited for the endless chapters that await, knowing that our love story is as timeless as the stars that guide us.


Bride @fae_nwanna
Planner @banksblue_events
Photography @efis_studios
Makeup @Dbrushandiyke
Videography @thecameraboss
Location @sosocialhouse

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