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Fam Heard Feyi’s Voice And Fell In Love! Now, It’s A Sweet Yes To Forever

How do you tell that you are in love with someone?… For Fam, it was the moment he heard Feyi’s calming voice over the phone and when he found himself completely enveloped by her scent.

They went from lengthy conversations to exchanging gifts… and a tactical guy, Fam didn’t hesitate to shoot his shot with Feyi. Now, ‘Happy Ever After’ is set to begin and we are super stoked for these lovebirds. He planned a beautiful surprise proposal where he went down on one knee and asked his baby girl to marry him. With so much joy, she said yes, sealing their bond in a moment of pure magic and love. Their proposal photos are multiple shades of sweet and will certainly make your day!

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Fam:

Feyisola completed her IT at MainOne, where she made a lot of friends, one of which happened to be Akin. Fast forward to my days as a struggling youth fresh out of NYSC, I had just joined MainOne as a graduate trainee in the cloud solutions team, led by Akin. As a youth with nothing but time and a willingness to gbedu, I offered to coordinate his birthday party at the time. I had invited everyone on the guest list except this Feyi whom I had never heard of. So we called her together in the office and I heard my wife’s voice for the first time, it was glorious. This led to some investigative journalism on Instagram, and I was well pleased.

On the day, she arrived at the location looking and smelling like a royal garden in spring, I had to move quickly and get her a seat next to me as heaven helps those who help themselves. We hit it off immediately. The conversation was spectacular and riddled with giggles, that’s how I went to the bathroom, only to come back and see someone else in my seat trying to make my wife laugh, lol. I had to politely excuse him, I don’t play like that. At the end of the night, we exchanged details and parted ways.

We met at a couple of other events and started talking more each day. One day, I got a random delivery of a bedding set, and the rider said it was from Feyisola, I had mentioned in a conversation that I needed to get a duvet at some point. It warmed my heart and my bed for many nights. At this point, we were talking for hours every night. Instead of Feyisola to be reading her books, she was talking to man, but all is well that ends well. I remember leaving my office to Unilag on her birthday to give her a few of her favourite things (including mint ice cream because toothpaste is not enough) and a sweet handwritten note. By this time them don already get me… Hard guy in the mud.


On the 13th of December, I asked her to officially be my girlfriend, will you believe this woman said that she’s not ready? Thankfully, about 3 weeks later, she saw the error of her ways and begged me profusely to be her man. As a man of integrity, I had to form first but eventually, I agreed. 😅 The rest, as they say, is history. Four amazing years, a pandemic and some 1+ years of long-distance later. We are getting married!!! ❤️


Planning and design: @proposalbells
Videography: @williem_bills

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