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Kanuri Brides-to-be! You Can’t Go Wrong With This Radiant Beauty Look

One of the many things we love about culture is fashion… even more when this fashion is richly displayed during weddings. Today, we’ve got something really special for the Kanuri bride-to-be.

This Northern tribe is known for exceptionally colourful weddings and this outfit from Kanuri Shop is serving the perfect dose of colours. We absolutely love the embroidered patterns and how they give that regal finish. What’s not to love about this subtle glam by Ritzanders? From the soft tones to the flawless blend, this glam is giving everything it’s supposed to give. We can’t get over how the embellished veil and traditional accessories add an extra layer of allure to this look. Trust us, you can never go wrong with this inspo on your big day! You can also find more beauty looks here.

See the photos below and share your thoughts with us.


Belle @chizaram_dikeh
Makeup @ritzanders_backuppage
Outfit @kanuri_shop_online
Videography @midst_dyeris_films
Photography @foxsphotos

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