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Here’s how Francesca and Toluwalase’s Sweet Love Story Started

We will just say that the universe aligned to bring these two lovebirds together.

Francesca and Toluwalase went from invading another couple’s video call to been groomsman and bridesmaid at the same wedding. Ohh, they were even paired up with each other. After years of getting to know each other and building a strong friendship, they are walking down the aisle to forever together.

Cheers to the #MoonAndBack19 pre-wedding shoot.




Here’s how it all began according to the bride-to-be, Francesca:

Getting to know Tolu remains like a wild dream for me. I first got to know him through skype in 2016. I was in DC and at my cousin’s. My cousin and her boyfriend who was in Nigeria at that time were talking with each other on skype. Then I noticed Tolu on my cousin’s screen as he suddenly walked into the apartment to visit a friend.  Somehow someway, Tolu and I took over the skype and we spoke for hours. I must say I already found him absolutely interesting but I really had no idea what the future held.

Soon enough, I was in Nigeria for a wedding and he was one of the groomsmen. I as a bridesmaid was already paired up to walk with him. When I saw Tolu, he felt like a breath of fresh air. I guess when you meet the right person, you just know. Tolu has been an amazing friend and companion. Our friendship blossomed to becoming a wonderful and heartfelt relationship. Over time, we have grown in genuine happiness, trust and love. He is an epitome of love for me.

Here’s how Tolu popped the big question:

In May of 2019, Tolu planned a vacation for us in Mauritius. The timing was perfect because I needed a get-away from work. We took a Catamaran cruise from Grand Baie to Flat Island where he proposed. Tolu is my peace of mind. I am certainly excited to spend the rest of my life with him.”




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