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Exude Charming Confidence on Your Trad With This Beauty Look

Editor’s Note: Hey there, BellaNaija Weddings Fam! It’s the 6th day of the BellaNaija Weddings Freshers Week and it’s it is almost coming to a close! We’ve had such an amazing ride and we definitely hope you have too. Today, we’ve got this lovely bridal beauty look from BellaNaija Weddings Fresher makeup artist, Maade Beauties.

As a Yoruba bride-to-be, culture is definitely important to you and so is slaying! If your trad is coming up, then this is specifically for you.

We’ve got this sultry traditional bridal beauty look for your trad. The glam by Maade Beauties is a simple yet captivating beat. The bold red lippie helps to exude that confident vibe as you strut elegantly towards your groom. The Gele and accessories come with a minimalistic approach to bring all the focus to your alluring glam and exquisite outfit. We totally love the colourful Asooke. Everything about this look is a total slay package for your traditional wedding.

Check out the photos below and be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.



Makeup and Gele@maade_beauties
Asooke: @tambiatelier
Accessories: @justbeadit_ng
Photography: @poladphotography

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    November 15, 2021 at 5:34 PM

    Beautiful 😍 thank you so much

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