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Minimalist Brides-to-be Will Totally Love This Beauty Look!

One beautiful thing about bridal look and fashion is the dexterity it provides, letting brides be whoever they are and love and shining through it regardless. Some like it hot and spicy, some like it cool and smooth. Whichever one you love, the end goal remains the same – to say your “I do” looking as flawless as can be!

Today, we’ve got something special for the minimalist brides. The glam by Glitz_n_Foy is both simple and alluring. We absolutely love the calm essence that the makeup provides and if you’re a fan of nude glam, then we’re certain you’d love it too. Strands ‘n’ Mirrors came through with the classy hairstyle that speaks laid-back luxury! We’re also loving the subtle vintage hint from the bridal robe. If you like to keep it simple and elegant, then you’ve just made the right stop. This beauty look is definitely for you! You can also check here for more beauty looks.

Check out the photos below and be sure to share your thoughts.



Makeup: glitz_n_foy 
Photography: @kokuvi_
Hairstylist: @strandsnmirrors
Robe: @thetonyejeaps
Model: @jose.phineole

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