Hafsah & Michael’s Civil Wedding is The Dose of Magic Your Day Needs!

Every love story has a start and for Hafsah and Michael, it all began with a “Hi”! The pair were acquainted as familiar faces from the university. So, a “hi” wasn’t unusual but that was all there ever was between them until there was more!

They met at the mall this fateful day and the usual “hi” turned into a drink with his friends and her sisters and subsequently, more hangouts. Now, it’s a forever love story! Hafsah and Michael took the most beautiful legal steps and began their journey to forever.

They tied the knot in a beautiful civil wedding ceremony and it was all shades of dreamy and magical. Hafsah was such an ethereal bride and Michael came through dapper as well. With friends and family present to witness and celebrate their love, they entered into a new phase of their lives with joy and happiness. We’re absolutely drooling over their beautiful wedding photos and we bet you want to take in all the beauty too!

Enjoy their love story and beautiful wedding photos below.

Their love story as shared by Hafsah:

We knew each other all through university but I dont think we said anything past hi or hello to each other. Then in 2015, the year I graduated from the university… A familiar face said hi to me in the mall while I was going to see a movie with my sisters.

He made sure to attach himself to whatever plan we had that night, lol. So, instead of going to see a movie, we decided to have drinks with him and his friend instead. We hung out the next day and almost every day after that. I got to know what an amazing, kind person he was and the rest as they say is history!

Let’s head over to Michael as he gets ready as well!

Now, it’s time to say those vows!

Signed, sealed and delivered!

Legally, Mr and Mrs!

Of course, celebrating with a cake is always a great idea!


Bride: @hafymo
Bride’s Outfit: @daniellefrankelstudio
Groom’s Outfit: @taryorgabriels
Photography: @thedavidmartinss
Planner: @eventbytoya

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