Stephanie & Ogaba’s Trad was a Rich Fusion of The Ijaw & Idoma Cultures

Love is truly the most powerful and equally beautiful phenomenon on earth. We say this with all conviction as we relish the beauty of love through Stephanie and Ogaba.

After their intimate civil wedding, the lovebirds got hitched traditionally and we just can’t hold back our awe. The lovely Ijaw and Idoma culture were so nicely blended as the lovebirds took on their new path. Everything was all so colourful from Stephanie’s modernized traditional outfits to Ogaba’s, the wine carrying ceremony and the entire event. You should totally catch up on their pre-wedding shoot and also enjoy the awesomeness of their white wedding here. Stephanie and her boo, Ogaba are giving so much positive energy with their love and we absolutely love to see it!

Experience all the beauty of Stephanie and Ogaba’s traditional wedding with the beautiful photos below:

Here’s how Ogaba is getting ready for the big moment…

We’ve got just one word for this decor and it’s breathtaking!

The groom and his squad coming through to get his woman…

Now Stephanie makes her entrance with her #AsoEbiBella ladies, it’s showtime!

Now, gracefully carrying the wine, it’s time to get her man!

Stephanie also came through with the classic Ijaw look and of course, she nailed it!

Now that the major ceremony is done, what’s a wedding party without fun games!

Now, for her third appearance, Stephanie decided to rep her baby’s culture as she stepped out in a modern Idoma look, all glam and fabulous.




Bride: @steffetb
Photography: @lucasugoweddings
Planner: @3003events
Bridal styling: @lavish_bridal
Fabric: @foradorafabrics
Ijaw look: @odiomimonet
Asooke: @bimmms24
Idoma look: @house_of_dova
Makeup: @flawlessfacesbyjane
Gele: @chygele
Hairstylist: @Divasbypere
Shoes: @marcodevincenzo via @junebugshopper
@renecaovilla via @dpeelondonluxuryshopper
Videography: @cyrilekiyefilm

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