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Go Royal & Dazzle On Your Trad With This Beauty Look!

Along with the love and the biggest joy of getting to spend forever with the love of your life, the traditional wedding day is also a great avenue to rep your culture and dazzle while at it!

Today, we’ve got this bridal beauty look to get you on that 10/10 trad slay. The glam by Harties Makeovers is an alluring head turner and we’re totally drooling. The multi-layered Gele by VC_Gele portrays that traditional bridal glamour that we’ve come to love. Everything about this look exudes royalty and class. If your trad is on the way then you certainly want to bookmark this.

Check out the photos below and tell us what you think.


Makeup @hartiesmakeovers
Gele @vc_gele
Asooke @marianatradsandglitz
Accessories @beadsbyoludee
Shoes and purse @primeimpressionboutique
Photography @shashaace_photography

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