The Eterno Bridal Collection by Idiolnupo is a Fine Blend of Passion & Luxury

When it comes to bridal fashion, one major part that contributes to the overall beauty and elegance of the bride is her dress! It is every bride’s dream to walk down the aisle in a breathtaking dress that not only sweeps people off their feet but also represents her essence and beauty.

Ace design brand, Idiolnupo perfectly understands and relays the assignment with her latest bridal collection, Eterno. With intricate designs, breathtaking lushness and artistic hems, the dresses in this collection ooze delicate passion and luxury. If your big day is coming soon, then you definitely want to go through this collection.

Here’s how the design brand describes the collection:

It has been said that a life without feminity – devoid of mystery, emotion, gentleness and unerring power of a woman’s love is no life at all. A passionate love for romantic details, luxurious fabric and architectural design, IDIOLNUPO presents to you ETERNO.

A desire for art beyond trends, to stand the test of time, undying just as the love we all yearn for – passionate and lasting forever -ETERNO.

Check out the collection below:

ESTRELLA, my lucky star. Stuns in simplicity yet whispers sensuality, encrusted in tiny beautiful crystals. She shines effortlessly just like her name. 


ISABELLA, my salvation. Just like a heartfelt prayer, bound with a deep connection of love and passion, innocent and consecrated. A luxury off-the-shoulder mermaid dress created with rich Mikado, crystal and sequin petals. 

SELENA, the moon Goddess. Traditional, delicate, eccentric, bold and feminine in elegantly draped tulle adorned with 3D cotton petals. 




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