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My Forever Heartbeat! Ifeanyi & Paul Adefarasin’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Messages has Us ?

25 years of love, family and happiness.

The fonder & senior pastor of House on the Rock, Paul Adefarasin and wife, Ifeanyi Adefarasin are celebrating 25 years of marriage. They both took to their personal pages to pen down sweet notes to each other. She says she would choose him over and over again and he says it just seems like 25 days– aww!

Keep scrolling to see the beautiful note they shared:

She shared:

Time passes by speedily when you’re living your best life with the man of your dreams!
I had no idea the heights that you would take me to, nor the depths and wonders that you would show me in life; all I knew was that you were a very special man – a unique man, a true man of God; and I was being given the privilege and honour of journeying life alongside you. 25 years later, having lived life under your cover, guidance, love, and assurance; if I had to choose again, I would choose you Adeolu. ??
I love you simply because you are an absolutely amazing person who cares deeply and loves easily. You make it so easy to love you.
I respect you for the loving husband and caring father that you are.
I cherish you for your large heart that reflects Christ in so many ways. It makes you very admirable and attractive.
I am so blessed and inspired by you. I thank you for being the man you said you would be.
Today, I stay focused on and grounded in the One who has blessed, kept, and given us 25 wonderful years and the promise of a great God-ordained future.
With all my love now and forever, I wish you a Happy Wedding Anniversary, my Best Friend, my Husband, my Pastor, my Forever Heartbeat and my Love – @PaulAdefarasin


He shared:

Dear Ifeanyi,
I woke up this morning with joy in my spirit, peace in plenty and a new song in my heart with the melody of heaven in my mouth because even in the midst of all that is in today’s world, I still have so much to be grateful for – most particularly you; Adeifę my precious wife.
From the moment we met, you have brought to my life enduring love, brilliant light, loving laughter and have given me volumes to be thankful to our King for.
I am thankful for the path we have trodden as one, the road that we have travelled together and the wars we have won in the trenches of life because they have worked in accord together to bring us to the beauty and bliss of today;
My ‘Ye ‘ye, Ijebu Princess, and Asaba Queen, you are simply timeless and eloquent elegance in poetic motion. I enjoy the many virtues of your soul.
Your beauty and grace are continually effortless your kind heart and warmth touch everything that you do.
You are the pristine example for our daughter to emulate; the perfect wife type for our sons (who could never wish for a better mother) and a most amazing blessing to our teaming societies.
My heart trusts your soul and you have done me so much good in the quarter-century of our lives shared together. Only eternity could tell it all.
25 years is a long time!
But it feels like it’s only been 25 days ….
May love to live eternally.
With love to my darling wife.
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary
With Love
Adeolu. xxx xx




Couple: @ifeanyiadefarasin & @PaulAdefarasin

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