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From a Twitter Comment Section To The DMs and Now, Forever! Meet #TheSpecters

Today, we are grateful for the invention of social media and how it creates avenues for sweet connections… just like it did in Ifedolapo and Gabriel’s case! 😍

Yes, these lovebirds met on twitter and it all began with a simple comment on a mutual friend’s post. Soon enough, a conversation went down in the DMs and now, it’s love in the air as they embark on a forever journey! They are blessing us with their pre-wedding photos today and each frame  is a testament of their undying love. The joy they radiate is hard to miss and they have us agreeing with the saying, ‘love is sweet!’

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Ifedolapo:

We are one of those “we met on Twitter” couple. I randomly replied to a tweet from a mutual friend of ours on Twitter. Dude went to check my profile and saw “talkative” there. Being a guy who loves to have great conversations, he sent a DM with a casual “hello” which I’d have ignored on a regular day, but this day wasn’t regular, so I replied. Yo!!! In 3 days of talking, it felt like we had known each other for at least a decade. A few weeks later, I had fallen in love with him and was sure he was the one.

Meanwhile, for some reason, Bro said he wasn’t ready to take things to the next level, which I understood after we talked about it. But this painstakingly led to 4 months of us barely talking. My chest!!! Anyhooooo, we reconnected after those 4 months and got talking like we never stopped. We have been talking since then. Now we’re talking marriage, and we’d keep talking till forever. ♾


Bride: @ife_sanni
Groom: @gabriel_specter
Couple: @_thespecters
Makeup: @shosglam
Photography: @koredeogunsakin
Dress: @stitched_by_teak

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