Grab Your Tissue! The #Jaylo2021 Wedding Video Will Make You Tear up

There are so many reasons why we love weddings! All the emotions, the evident love, and joy in the eyes of the couple are just so lovely to witness… The moments in this wedding video remind us how beautiful love is!

This adorable couple got married exactly six years after they started dating, on the same date!  The bride’s speech and all the other beautiful moments from their wedding video will make you tear up. As she said her vows, the tears of joy couldn’t be stopped and it soon saturated the room as everyone got emotional while she poured her heart out. All the other moments spelt love unfiltered and in its truest glory. This video will absolutely make your day. PS: You might want to grab a tissue. 😉 You can also watch other trending wedding videos here.

Enjoy the video below:


Featured Image: @atkins_studio

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