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A BBM Status & 10 Years in Between – Idowu & Jimoh are On to Forever!

There are moments in a person’s life which some might like to term as defining moments. These are really important moments that shape the course of our lives. One of such moments for Idowu and Jimoh was the moment Jimoh saw Idowu’s photo on a friend’s status. Today, we get to take in the beauty of their love!

Jimoh saw Idowu for the first time on a mutual friend’s BBM status and he just knew he needed to be introduced to her! Well, thanks to mutual friends like this who help us meet our soulmates, Jimoh and Idowu became very good friends. Now, ten years down the line, it’s “happily ever after!” for the pair. We’re loving every bit of their pre-wedding photos. The smiles, undeniable love in their eyes and precious moments, frozen in time and beautiful frames have us deep in our feelings.

Enjoy their beautiful pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Here’s their love story as told by their photographer, Bedge Pictures:

It all started on BBM.  In 2011,  Jimoh and Idowu met through a mutual friend who used Idowu as her display picture and Jimoh could not rest. Started pinging her friend and saying she should introduce him and set up a group chat.

Unfortunately, the network did not allow them to chat properly that day. They just ended up exchanging contacts and looking at updates from each other. What seemed unfortunate then turned out to be fortunate as they were able to build a friendship first which formed a strong foundation for their love. Ten years after their friendship and love, they have grown into a better version of themselves.


Photography: @bedgepictures
: @exquisiteluxuryevents
Makeup: @genoverabeauty
PR: @shadesmediahq

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