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Kehinde Daniel Came Through Dripping Beauty in These 5 Looks

A stylish bride gives us so much joy! Weddings come with a lot of beautifully awesome perks and the bride’s looks is certainly one of them! It is so exhilarating watching the bride step out elegantly to begin the next phase of her life and our gorgeous bride, Kehinde Daniel served everything serveable with her looks!

#KDLagos2021 was all shades of beautiful but all the beauty could not shadow the glory that Kehinde came dripping in! From her robe to her wedding dress as she exchanged her vows at the white wedding, then the trad, reception, and after-party wear… Everything was a hit back to back. You definitely want to see how she shut it down completely in all these looks.

Check out the five looks in this video below:


Just because you deserve to see this look in all its beauty 

Her last look/after-party look deserves a video of its own


Featured Image: @bisidanielsphotography

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