Lectie Unveils an Innovative Events-Focused Calendar, Redefining Events and Event Planning

Lectie, a dynamic tech startup, proudly introduces its revolutionary interactive calendar app redefining the way weddings, anniversaries, and other memorable events are planned, organised, shared and cherished. Combining the functionality of a calendar application with the social aspects of a dedicated platform, Lectie presents an unparalleled solution that transforms event planning into an unforgettable journey.

Unlike traditional social media platforms that often overwhelm users with an array of features, Lectie focuses exclusively on events. In a recent conversation, David Ukiwe, Co-Founder and CEO of Lectie, explained, “We are dedicated to creating an immersive space that seamlessly integrates calendar management and interaction.
By blending practical scheduling with interactive communication, we aim to provide users with a unique and exhilarating experience.” One of Lectie’s standout features is its ability to create personalised calendars and
also double as a cherished digital calendar souvenir that can be shared. Users can infuse their own style into their calendars by selecting custom images or themes, including personal or family photos that capture significant moments from the past year. This transforms milestones such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays into shared celebrations. Moreover, businesses can leverage this feature to showcase their brand identity and products through calendar image covers.

“We are thrilled to introduce Lectie, an app that combines practicality with sentiment, elevating the event planning experience to new heights,” said Ukiwe, the visionary mind behind Lectie. “Our goal is to empower users to celebrate life’s most precious moments while capturing the essence of each event in a digital format that can be treasured forever.”

Lectie recognizes the paramount importance of digital security and prioritises data protection. “We adhere to rigorous industry best practices in privacy and security. Your personalised calendars and personal information are securely hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a globally trusted name in data security. At Lectie, we
highly value your privacy and assure you that we never sell your data,” assured Ukiwe.

Going beyond being a mere calendar app, Lectie fosters a vibrant community. It offers the creation of bespoke calendars free of charge and provides premium features for subscribers, guaranteeing a comprehensive and immersive event planning experience. With its origins in Australia, Lectie is on a mission to enhance well-being and productivity. “Our ambition is to cultivate connections around events through our interactive calendar, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world’s premier calendar directory,” shared Ukiwe.

The Lectie team cordially invites intending couples, wedding event planners and all types of event planners/hosts to join them on this exciting journey to reshape the world of event planning. Download the Lectie Vault App today on Playstore via the link here. Begin creating your personalised calendars, and be part of the revolution in how we share and celebrate significant life moments.

For more information about Lectie, please visit www.lectie.com.



Lectie is an innovative technology startup based in Australia, specialising in the development of a groundbreaking interactive calendar application focused on enhancing well-being and productivity. Our mission is to enhance well-being and productivity by providing a unique platform for people to create, share, and celebrate events, with the goal of becoming the world’s leading calendar directory.


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