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Lola & Tosin Met at An Audition, 16 Years Ago & Now They’re Ready Walk Down the Aisle

Every day, we’re met with new stories on how love captures the heart especially when we least expect. This has got us believing that love, like fate, def has a plan for everyone!

Lola and Tosin were two “youngins” trying to create a path for themselves in the entertainment world. While they had established a connection, they went on to separate lives. But of course, love had a plan. Now decades down the line, Lola and Tosin are set to walk down the aisle! This pre-wedding shoot is an all so beautiful way for the couple to say, “Yes! We’re ready”. We absolutely love all their photos.

Lola looks classy in her orange flower-patterned Ankara and Tosin, simple and elegant in his native as well. The black background in the Valentine-themed photos adds an eccentric feel to the shot. Let’s just say that we’re crushing over every single detail of this shoot.  Tosin gives us all the scoop on the journey that has now led them to this moment. Read all about it as you keep scrolling.

See all the adorable photos below:

Their love story according to Tosin:

I met my Lola about 16 years ago (around 2005). We were pretty young and saw each other for the first time at Amaka Igwe‘s movie audition for “Fuji house of commotion” at Salvation Road in Ikeja. We both scaled through the first set of auditions. Then a three-day training was conducted for those of us that made it to the final stage. I remember I gazed at her beauty the moment she stepped out to take a random role that was given to participants by Joke Silva.

I recall the guy she was paired with screamed at her unnecessarily while acting (obviously trying to impress the examiners). She was only able to mutter a few words from the script that I can still remember… “are you going to pick on me all night?” Her tiny and sorry voice melted my heart at once, as I wished I could interrupt in her defence.

We were eventually paired to act the same scene together and we nailed it! I got her mobile number afterwards and we were in touch for a few years. Events shortly kept us apart when we both gained admission to the university. Life realities reared its head and we stopped reaching out to each other frequently. Except during birthdays and festive seasons.

Fast forward to 2019 when I was broken and needed someone to talk to. I still cannot pick point what led me to reach out to her (I crammed her number since 2005, I still know it till date! Lol). We hung out afterwards, talked for long and I poured out my emotions to her at length. I can’t forget how my heart skipped the moment I set my eyes on her. Just like old times, I noticed she had acquired so much wisdom. I fell in love with her immediately. I still have the urge to defend her always.

There are several details I left out, She is the most interesting, fun, and beautiful person I have ever known. She makes my life interesting and surprises me often. I have learned more about God, love, and commitment from her than I have from any other person. I am lucky to have ever met her and consider it an honour to be called her husband.

Thank God for the day I decided to audition, and thanks to the late Amaka Igwe for letting God use her to position our destinies.


Photography: @laahstudios
Champagne dress: @elanfashion
Second dress: @Kaydeecouture1
Ankara: @elanfashion
Groom’s outfit: @davidwej


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