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An 8-Hour Lunch Date Reignited The Love Flames For Maanaa & Lentei!

If something is meant to be yours, best belief it’ll always find a way into your arms no matter how long it might take. Maanaa and Lentei can relate because this is how their sweet love came to be.

Their journey began ten years ago when they got introduced by a mutual friend. Time and distance crept in at some point and after years of not keeping in touch, what was meant to be a business lunch date turned out to be the spark that ignited the flames of love. After their reunion, they both knew that forever was the only way up from there. Their pre-wedding photos beautifully capture the essence of their sweet love, symbolizing a journey that defied time and distance. Each frame is bound to leave a wide smile on your face.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Maanaa:

‘The world becomes a little brighter the moment you meet someone who understands you.’ We were first introduced to each other in 2014 by a mutual friend. We became friends and spoke for about a year, and we both went our separate ways. We were both on very different journeys and God knew we needed a few years apart to be nurtured by Him. In early 2022, I sent Him a text asking for help concerning some aspects of my business. We hadn’t spoken in years, however, a friend of his had hinted to me that he’d be the best person to help me.

So, I just sent a harmless message asking him to get back to me in his spare time. We kept missing each other and He asked that we just meet and talk it over lunch. We met on a Sunday afternoon and spoke for 8 hours straight. It was almost as if we had never stopped talking to each other since 2014. A few days after we met, we both knew this would be forever, we knew that God had indeed set the table for us.


Photography @pixah_photo
Bride and Makeup @finessebymaanaa
Hair @colorstorywigs

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