Maria & Nonso’s Wedding Video Will Add Brightness to Your Day

“To love and to hold, forever and always.” These words have a way of warming up our hearts. These beautiful words of reassurance are a start to a new journey. Yes, this is just another way of saying we love weddings. But you knew that. 😅 Today, Maria and Nonso are filling up our Aww basket to the very brim and we love it!

The love birds got hitched in a beautiful Igbo traditional wedding ceremony, then went on the seal the deal with a white wedding and it was all simply beautiful. The excitement love exuding from their wedding video tells us all we need to know – Maria and Nonso were made for each other! Happy ever after began with a bang for the sweethearts, and we love it for them!

Their wedding video will certainly add colour to your day. Enjoy below.


Videography: @henryadewalefilms

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