An Office Crush and a DM – Here’s How Marian & Tobi’s Fairytale Began!

If you have been contemplating shooting your shot at that one person who has caught your eye, this is your cue to go ahead! Marian and Tobi have us super giddy as they as reinforcing our belief that love can be found anywhere, including at work.

The sweet thing about their love story is that they had both seen each other at the office and admired each other from afar. Well, thanks to a mutual friend and Tobi’s sleek message to Marian, they eventually became close and their friendship blossomed into the love that they share today. They exchanged their vows in an all-so-beautiful white wedding and they are giving us all the feels of love with their photos.

Marian rocked her dress with so much elegance and Tobi made a super suave groom in his custom tux. They also had a traditional wedding where they repped their Yoruba root beautifully. We are uber excited for the sweethearts as they ride into their fairy tale forever.

Enjoy their wedding photos and love story below:

Marian and her favourite girls!

Their love story as shared by Marian:

Okay well let me tell my story, I first noticed Tobi when I walked into the PwC office and I saw him handing out leaflets for the Christmas carol service (Yeah, Tobi was in the choir at work and I’m not sure why because he isn’t the best singer but we all deserve a chance, right?). I was like ooo who is this dark-skinned cutie? No, I didn’t get a leaflet, I was doing babe and just walked past and he didn’t see me, but I saw him, that’s what matters lol. I went to my desk and months went by and I never saw him again. Anyway, months later, I saw him again in the office and I kept thinking to myself, ‘there’s something about this guy’, but again, it was from a distance so he wouldn’t have known I had noticed him. I later found out he went to TLC – The Liberty Church.

All set for her big day 😍

I can’t remember how I found out but the point is, I did loooool. Again, not thinking much of it and going about my life, I started doing my own thing but obviously, God had bigger and better plans for me. On some random day, I get a message on the PwC google hangouts saying ‘Apparently you know me, but you’ve never said hi?’ I was TAKEN ABACK. Because 1. I couldn’t even pretend I didn’t know him. 2. Why so forward? But, I like forward, so I laughed my ass off at the message and we got talking. He asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I remember we then became friends and I always knew he was a safe space because I could tell him anything and we haven’t known each other for that long. A year later, I thank God he became MY safe space and my one and only. It’s been a journey but I thank God I saw the light and I’m getting married to my best friend and my IMJ. We moveeeeeee, #LoveIsMoto

Their love story as shared by Tobi:

I was in the office and was struggling to complete this report for a client. It just wasn’t happening; I couldn’t get myself together! I usually sat with my team on the 5th floor. So I thought about moving floors and finding a private booth, getting my head down so I can meet the deadline. I got to the 6th floor and whilst waiting by the coffee machine and catching up with a colleague. I caught the side view of this lady, and she walked past towards the lift. I noticed the weave and I said to my colleague ‘that it is a very long weave, do you know who that person is?’ he said he didn’t. I went about my business, after a couple of hours I had finished the report and was meant to go over it with the Director who had asked me to work on it. This time as I walked past, still inquisitive about who the lady with the long weave was, I decided to walk slowly and see who this person was so I could message them after and tease them about the long weave.

Here comes the groom and his dapper squad

I believed I knew most if not all the black employees in the firm. To my shock, I didn’t know this person, but she is beautiful! She looked up as I walked past and I was going to wink, at that point all of Pastor Bimbo’s (my Pastor) teaching had flown out of my head – I was quick to gather my senses and thought Tobi behave yourself and keep walking before she reports you to HR and you get fired. That was that, not long after, a friend Demilade Osunsina randomly said to me, “Tobi I know your type! My sister’s friend Marian is your type. She is a babe, looks good, has a body, is friendly, she also works at PwC. Trust me…….” my Christianese side came out and said “which one is body again oh”. In my head, I was thinking here we go again, when have I ever told you my supposed “type”? So, we parked it there.

The beautiful bride is here!

We then had a catch-up near my office to discuss Campus Vibe (the university expression of Vibe – a Ministry I lead).  Demilade goes on about this babe again, this time she says the babe knows me! I thought okayyyy she knows me? Well give me her name when I get into the office, I would message the babe on the internal messaging app. The next day, I searched for this person and Lo and Behold it was the lady on the 6th floor! My first message wasn’t Hi, Hello or How are you?… As a real G!! It was ‘Apparently you know me, and you have never said hello”. She replied with “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL” and we then chatted and went for lunch that day and we became friends from there. We had good laughs/banter; she was fun, and adventurous all up my street. I decided to start praying about it and one day we decided to go for lunch and whilst talking she said something which wasn’t aligning and I asked again, just to be clear and she said it again, literally affirmatively repeating the statement.

Sealed with a perfect kiss 😍

Right there in my head, I decided she wasn’t for me at that moment which was tough to accept but I had also said values over feelings! We got along as friends and we kept it as that for the longest, she later got into a relationship and she would speak to me about it, and I would advise her. Fast forward to January 2020, she had just come back from Lagos and we decided to catch up, so I said let’s go for a walk as we were both fasting. Whilst out on the walk I noticed something had changed. Everything she was saying was different in about 12 months! We got to speak more often, we spoke a lot more during the lockdown in 2020. Got closer and eventually towards the end of Summer 2020 after praying, fasting, and speaking to people I am accountable to I officially made my intentions known and she was playing the ‘Are you sure/I am not sure’ game, that went on for a while sha and eventually she saw the light and we started dating.

Joined for life!

Let the reception begin!

Fine couple coming through!

The sweet mother-son dance

Daddy’s little princess 😍

The lovebirds dancing into the night

Time for the bouquet toss!

The after-party slay you signed up for 😍

It’s all fun from here!


Here’s how Marian and Tobi tied the knot in the Yoruba trad way…

Marian looks absolutely ravishing!

Mummy’s favourite girl

When the squad is a lit one!

We are gushing over this sweet love!

Doing this the Yoruba trad way!

Together forever!

The second outfit slay we signed up for!

Love birds coming through!

It’s all fun from here!


White wedding

Bride @marianoyinade
Groom @tobi.imj
Bridal Stylist @saobyrami
Groom’s Stylist @lgc.grooms
Bridal Robe @alonuko_bridal
Dress @pronovias
Bridal Veil @elizabethandlacebridal
Earrings @a.b.ellie
Reception Dress @mazellebridal
Reception Earrings @botiasaccessories
Makeup @bimpeonakoya
Hairstylist @adefunkeee
Ivory Suit @taryorgabriels
Grooms’s Shoes @crockettandjones_official
Bow tie @telelagos
Bridal bouquet and Boutonniere @araliabynature
Photography @bedgepictures | @marvinfreshphotography_
Planner @bisolatrendybee @trendybeevents

Traditional wedding

Bride @marianoyinade
Groom @tobi.imj
Bridal Stylist @saobyrami
Groom’s Stylist @lgc.grooms
Purple Asooke Outfit @couturebytabik
Beaded fabric @foradorafabrics
Blue Lace Outfit @couturebytabik
Blue Gele @jummhy_exclusive_fabrics
Brown Outfit @mazellebridal
Turban @turbantempest
Makeup @joycejacob_jjb
Gele @dbellezza_gele
Groom’s Asooke Baba Sarafa
Groom’s Shoe @bluebloodng
Groom’s Beads @justbeadit_ng
Groom’s Blue Outfit @taryorgabriels
Asooke Material @shadiat_alasooke
Photography @marvinfreshphotography_ | @weddingsbytobi | @jopstudios
Planner @bisolatrendybee | @trendybeevents

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