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This Edo Bridal Beauty Look Exudes Cultural Elegance & Style

One thing that can never be compromised in Edo bridal fashion is regality. This has remained constant over the years and we just love how it shows the richness of the culture.

For brides-to-be who want to rep their Edo culture in style, how about you check out this off-shoulder dress by Mirah NG? The snatched corset and the ruffled tail combo are the perfect combo fo elegance. Tresses by Joy nailed this classic okuku hairststyle which is no doubt a work of art. Of course, a bridal look is not complete without a superb glam and B and H_by Aisha delivered with this flawless makeover. This look is an harmonious union of culture and elegance which you can rock on your Edo trad. You can also check for more beauty looks here.

See the photos below and let us know what you think!


Makeup @bandh_byaisha
Hairstylist @tressesbyjoy
Beads @beadsbyhayolar
Photography @olaitanadewuyi_official

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