It’s Love Beyond Borders For Mojisola & Goran! Enjoy Their Yoruba Trad

One beautiful thing about love is that it is not limited by borders, culture or in fact, anything for that matter! Mojisola and Goran sure agree with us as they serve us sweet doses of love today, with their traditional engagement.

The sweethearts found love in each other’s arms and decided to go down the forever lane and of course, we’re beyond stoked for them. The two tied the knot traditionally according to the beautiful Yoruba culture of the bride and it was all shades of beautiful.

The #MGlove21 trad was a pleasant display of colours and culture. Mojisola was such an exquisite Yoruba bride and Goran also repped the culture 100% The love and joy in their eyes as they embark on this new phase of theirs tell us everything we need to know – they’re absolutely smitten.

Enjoy the beautiful traditional engagement photos below.

Love, sweet love!

The groom and his squad ready to get his bride…

Make way for the bride and her squad…

The lovebirds sure came to slay with their second look.

Dancing into forever…



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