The Muse by Berta Akko FW 2022 Bridal Collection is Every Bride’s Dream Come True!

Hey there, gorgeous bride-to-be! Now that it’s around the corner, we bet you can’t wait to see how breathtaking you’ll look on that day. They say every bride has dreamed especially of her wedding dress since she was a little girl and if this holds true for you, then your dream is about to come alive!

Ace fashion brand, Berta has released her collection, the Muse by Berta Akko FW2022 bridal collection and they had brides’ childhood dreams in mind while creating. Each dress in this collection exudes passion and allure. With rich fabrics and delicate hems, this collection has got something for every fairytale loving bride.

Here’s how the design brand describes the collection:

Full of magical arches, old architecture, stories to be told and walls that preserve its secrets; Acre was the perfect location to capture the Muse by Berta FW22 collection. (Acre is a city in Israel, also referred to as Akko.) A hidden corner at sunrise, when the light hit just right, allowed this new and enchanting collection to show its true colours. A collection full of love, passion, delicacy and allure, featuring cutting edge sewing techniques, deep necklines and soft luxurious fabrics.

They say every girl needs her twirling dress. Wouldn’t you agree? With flowy figures that hold endless amounts of tulle, this collection ensures the next Muse bride will get just that. The moment she’ll put on her dress will be the moment she dreamed of as a little girl. This is why the hours of handwork and dedication that are given to each and every bride at BERTA – from sewing the layers on layers of tulle to placing the delicate sparkly bow, or the exact number of pearls – are all worth it! All to make one fairytale moment come true, whiling keeping the known Muse boho aesthetics.

Check out the dresses in the collection below.



Brand Design: @berta

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