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A Dream Come True! See Nenye & Obi’s Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

The #NIOBIUNION21 has us in complete awe of the power of love. Just when you think that you have fully seen all that there is to love, there’s yet another beautiful love story to leave you completely thrilled. This is exactly how Nenye and Obi’s love has us feeling – thrilled!

For Obi, his first meeting with the beautiful Nenye was a literal dream come true as he had seen her first in his dreams! You certainly want to read their love story just how Obi tells it so keep scrolling to enjoy it all. We can’t stop drooling over their pre-wedding photos and taking in all the pure sweetness of their chemistry.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story as shared by Obi below.

Their love story as shared by Chibuzor:

Whenever people ask me how I met Nenye, I tell them I saw her at one of her non-profit organization outreaches. Nenye might say otherwise. On January 1st 2019, I prayed to God to lead me to my wife before the end of the year and that night. I had a dream that I attended a non-profit outreach led by a very beautiful young woman.

After the event, I summoned the courage to commend her on the turnout of the event and we chatted for a bit. I asked for her number and she told me she was in a relationship. I respected that and walked away. It seemed so real but I found myself awake on my bed. Single. On August 29th 2019, I saw Nenye’s Facebook page come up under “people you may know”.

I clicked on her page to see if I knew her and immediately, I remembered the dream I had at the beginning of the year. I requested to be her friend. In the process of waiting for her to accept my friend request, I went through her page and saw that she had her non-profit organization that caters to promoting health and wellness.

Two days later, Nenye accepted my friend request and I immediately waved at her and hit her with “been a while”. Because I knew deep down that we met before. In my dreams. I also knew that she was my God-given wife and I would marry her one day. Long story short, two years later, I’m saying I do to the beautiful woman of my dreams.

Check out the first DM Obi sent to Nenye in the screenshot below.



Couple: @nenyeandobi
Planner: @crystalsbycheeevents
Photography: @prilixphotos

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