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Nkiru & Kodili’s Love Story will Put a Big Smile on Your Face

When two lawyers fall in love, you know it is about to get interesting

Nkiru and Kodili met way back in the University. Funny enough, Nkiru had a rule not to date guys from her department but Kodili worked his way into her heart. Now after eight years of knowing each other and dating, they are getting ready to walk down the aisle.

Here’s how the bride-to-be, Nkiru recalls their love story:

February 2011 you were just a cute guy in Esut Law Faculty. March 2011 you walked up to me, said hello and asked for my number which I obliged to. We got talking and likeness was slowly creeping in however I was holding back a little bit because of course I had this principle not to date a guy in the same faculty but you can’t tell the heart who to fall in love with.


April 29th, 2011 at exactly 11 pm you asked me to be your girlfriend and I said “I’ll think about it” but it was a yes or nothing for you and after I consulted the important girls in my life back then (and now) Ody and Ify they asked me to give it a try in their words “if you say yes and in the long run it’s not what you want, then take a walk but if you say no you’ll never know” I accepted to take that step with you and I’ll not lie and say it’s been a bed of roses, there were days I wanted to take a walk, there are days I actually took a walk but mahn I had the best man.

Some people thought it was me that tried, it was me that kept it together well during our days in school, but it has been you, my love, you have had to deal with a lot of things; rejection, heartbreak, pain, anger and anything you can think of but you kept it 100 percent with me. Even days I wasn’t sure it was you anymore you were sure it was me and reminded me of that every day.

It has been 8 years of love, pain, heartache, happiness, joy, trials, fights, peace, companionship. 8 years of sharing in each other’s joy and pain. 8 years of pushing each other to be a better person. 8 years of sharing in our failures and accomplishments. I’m grateful for your presence in my life. I’m grateful for your family, they accepted me from the first day, the day I walked into your house carrying those disastrous bohemian curls and very shouty red lipstick?.

I’m grateful to all those friends that stood by me and told me the truth always, watched my back and helped me count my steps so I don’t trip. I’m grateful for my Sister Oluchi because if not for her I wouldn’t have been at this stage I’m grateful to all my sisters for their help and support at this stage. I’m very grateful to those friends that were here till the last, I can’t mention all of them because they are much God but special thanks to Charles and Ody❤you guys were here from day 1! Special thanks to everyone who one way or the other pushed us to this stage.



Bride-to-be: @enkay_umeh
Photography: @lucasugoweddings
Planner: @kaysperfect_events

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