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This Purple Asooke Will Def Give You That Elegant Touch on Your Trad

Yoruba traditional engagements are usually so full of fun and thrills and of course, let’s not forget the beauty. As a Yoruba bride, elegance is irreplaceable. You definitely want to get hitched with the love of your life, looking your absolute best.

If your traditional engagement is coming up soon, you don’t have to worry -we know how important slaying is to you. So, we’ve got this elegant bridal beauty look to get you on that perfect slay mode. The soft glam by Nsoleke Beauty is super easy on the eyes and simply beautiful. Multi-layered Geles remain an all-time favourite and Onigele came through 100%. The purple monochrome outfit is absolutely one to love and makes all the difference between beautiful and super-beautiful!

Check out the photos of the beauty look below:



Makeup: @nsolekebeauty
Gele: @oni_gele
Asooke: @bolamsasooke
Accessories: @bolamsasooke
Shoes and purse: @bilqueroyale
Photography: @34sndpictures

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