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Come Through With an Extra Pop on Your Trad With This Yoruba Beauty Look

What do you love the most about weddings? For us, it’s a very long list and we certainly can’t exhaust it here so, we’ll tell you one thing that definitely “top 5” for us. If you guessed the bride’s look, you’re absolutely correct! It always is such a delight, getting to see the bride, stepping out looking all bright and elegant.

On that note, we’ve got this radiant traditional beauty look that’s perfect for the Yoruba bride. The glam by Oteniara Makeovers speaks captivating beauty. Red is one fierce and beautiful colour and we’ve just got to say we totally love how it’s coming through in this look. The Asooke brings a special pop to the look that we can’t get enough of. We absolutely love the multilayered gele and the glitters around its edges. Everything about this look is a 10/10 and if you’re looking to come through with a pop on your trad, then this beauty look is just for you.

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think in the comment section.



Makeup and Gele@oteniaramakeovers
Asooke: @zeemiranda_crafts
Beads and accessories@justbeadit_ng
Purse: @maronyworld
Photography: @royal_images

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