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You’d Definitely Want to Rock this Two toned Burnt Orange Asooke for your Trad

Traditional weddings are well known for their vibrant burst of colours. Everything about the day fills the eye with delight from the decor to traditional elements infused into the day. One thing, of course, that is bound to be eye-catching is the bride and groom’s outfit. That’s why a lot of thought has to be put into what colour works for the couple.

Now, a colour that has been totally on the radar lately is burnt orange. Yup, burnt orange! You might think it will be too bright, but it is just the right shade needed when it is burnt orange. When fully and beautifully complemented with the right makeup, accessories and skin tone, then today’s beauty look is what you get. Makeup artist, Oteniara Makeovers did an amazing job on creating this bright glossy look just for you.



Makeup and gele: @oteniaramakeovers
Asooke and handfan: @jenrewa
Accessories: @beadsbyoludee
Photography: @august55media

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