This Breathtaking Bridal Styled Shoot is Calling for the Minimalist Bride

Variety is the spice of life. The bridal world is not exempted from this nugget. When it comes to weddings, different couples have different ideas of how they want everything to play out – how they want to look, what they want to wear, what their theme will be, etc and these are the things that make every couple unique in their own special way.

This bridal styled shoot was created to spark beautiful minimalistic ideas, showing us that simple can very well be exquisite as well. With the colour brown playing a major role in this shoot, we’re getting that natural earth vibes that we have come to love and appreciate. From the amazing nude glam by Eesswat Makeovers to the classic hairstyle by Tobbies Touch and the elegant wedding dress and suave suite… This bridal styled shoot beautifully captured by Rare Magic Gallery is preaching one thing –  simplicity and elegance go perfectly well together! So if your big day is coming soon, you certainly want to go through the photos in this shoot for the perfect inspiration.


Here’s how the photographer describes the shoot:

I was thinking of creating a monochromatic concept. Not black and white, just something with one dominant colour. So I chose brown. Brown skin, brown bouquet, minimalistic brown decor, and brown suit.

The idea is to express the beauty of minimalistic colour, you don’t need to apply all the colours in the world to get a beautiful result. Simplicity is always the key



Photography: @raremagic_gallery
Makeup: @eeswatmakeovers
Hair: @tobbiestouch
Wedding Dress: @abikeclothings
Groom’s suit: @freshbydotun
Bouquet: @all_bellaz
Decor: @360eventee

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