See How Rasheedah & Olusegun Set the Motion For Their Forever Journey

First of all, introduction! One important factor when it comes to weddings and starting a new life with your partner is family. As it is with our culture, everyone looks forward to that beautiful moment where both families are officially introduced to one another and a new relationship is birthed.

Rasheedah introduced the love of her life Olusegun to her people and the ceremony was one for the books. Rasheedah couldn’t help her excitement as she officially “brought her man home to mama.” Olusegun was of course, just as excited as this ceremony sets their forever journey in motion. His sweet love letter to his baby girl on their introduction morning scores another win for us as members of the “love is beautiful” team. 😅 The entire introduction video had us grinning from ear to ear and rooting for the love birds. Rest assured, that Raheedah and Olusegun’s video will absolutely make your day.

Enjoy the video below:


Featured Image: @klalaphotography

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