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Let Your Personal Style Shine Through in a Dress from Daarlana’s Rebelle Bridal Collection

Every bride wants to walk down the aisle in a dress that talks about their personal style and also make a bold statement on that special day. The new inspired Daarlana collection – Rebelle is a fuse of beauty and simplicity. It was made for the bride who hopes to send a personal message of courage with her style. With a blend of laces, embroidery and dramatic capes, you really want to see these dresses. The message it tells is – I have my style and I am not afraid to show it even if it is way different from the conventional styles. There’s even a black wedding dress and it is so cute.

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Here’s how the designer describes the collection:

The rebellious Daalarna bride goes beyond the superficial things of this world. She discovers herself in natural beauty and simplicity. With her choices, she fights against an artificial, perfectionist and uniform society. “Soft embroidery, lace, iridescent silver tones, subtle and beautiful craftsmanship characterizes the REBELLE collection. As part of this collection, I also created a black gown that a rebellious bride may bravely wear on her wedding day!” – says Daalarna designer, Anita Benes. The REBELLE collection sends a personal message to brides of today: dare to be yourself on YOUR big day! Instead of a traditional veil, boldly choose personalized options such as an intriguing hood or a dramatic cape. Experiment and play with colors, shapes, and fabrics. Do not be afraid! The same goes for skirt lengths and various back options which the line has to offer. So, throw those stilettos in the corner if that’s not your thing and go barefoot, rock bejeweled barefoot sandals. Rebel against the forced conventions so you can confidently look in the mirror years from now smile and say “yes, this is me!”


Design brand@daalarnacouture

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