Today’s Bridal Beauty is so Registry Worthy!

Today’s bridal beauty is the perfect look for your registry. If you are into the timeless and subtle look, you should save this post.

According to the makeup artist Tola of Tolabanks,” the shoot was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic and how so many brides have now resulted to having just their civil ceremonies or church weddings with limited amount of guests. Tobi (the hairstylist) and I really wanted to create a simple yet timeless look that would inspire brides-to-be in these times and in the future. Many brides are confused as to how to translate their desired looks for their white wedding into what these times would allow that’s why we took time out to create this simple classy look that brides can be inspired by.”



Makeup @tolabanks
Hairstylist @tobbiestouch

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