Renny & Dayo’s Trad Was a Sweet Blend Of Love, Style and Culture!

Traditional weddings always serve as a good opportunity to display the vibrance of culture. From the outfits to carrying out the age-long traditions, everything about this wedding is always a delight to behold. Renny and Dayo gave us a thrill of the Yoruba culture with their colourful traditional engagement.

These lovers met at a barbeque party and you can catch up on their sweet love story here. Renny made a gorgeous bride and Dayo looked absolutely dashing. The love that they share radiates and we can certainly feel their joy. You will feel it too as you keep scrolling

Enjoy their traditional wedding photos below

The gorgeous bride is all set for her big day

This sweet mother-daughter moment

The bride and her girls

Let’s take a look at the dapper groom

The groom and his men!

Time to have the first look at te stunning bride!

Some photos before doing this the trad way!

A view of the beautiful decore before we begin…

Let the ceremony begin!

The groom coming through!

Gotta fo the Idobale for the culture

Here comes the bride!

Off to the groom, the dues have to be paid..

Dues paid, and now a befitting Fila for the groom!

Now husband and wife!

Cake? Yes Please!

Outfit Change, you know the drill!

It is all fun from here!


Bride: @rennybynature
Photography: @c3pictures_gallery
Planner: @keleevents
Makeup: @tomilolaofbiggles
Asooke : @shadiat_alasooke
Renny’s 2nd outfit: @made.pieces
Dayo’s 2nd outfit@kinghakbal
Decor: @horlicspartyrental | @kabloompartydecor

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